Thursday, July 28, 2016

A Majorly Cool Way To Style a Denim Jacket

Posted By: vishwa - 9:00 AM
Le Fashion Blog Floral Red Dress Ankle Boots Jean Jacket Via Rebecca Laurey Le Fashion Blog Embroidered Embellished Denim Jacket Via Rebecca Laurey
Photos via: Rebecca Laurey

We all know that the era of normcore lost its overwhelming power when personal style because the number one factor when getting dressed. Now, items are just...more. More embellishments, more sparkle, more embroidered, more unique. What makes this way of dressing fun (besides the fact that it gives you freedom to experiment and take risks) is that you can mix and match different patterns and textures. For example, Rebecca Laurey wore a fun denim jacket over a floral printed mini dress and she looks more than cool.

Get the look:
+ Forever 21 Floral Mini Dress
+ Asos Sleeveless Swing Dress
+ River Island Badge Detail Denim Jacket
+ New Look Raw Edge Badge Denim Jacket
+ Toga Pulla Black Suede Boots
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Model-Off-Duty: Get Anna Ewers' Denim Jacket Look

Posted By: vishwa - 6:00 AM
Le Fashion Blog Model Style Anna Ewers Oversized Faded Black Denim Jacket Ribbed Dress Chain Shoulder Bag Ankle Boots Via Vogue Paris
Photo via: Vogue Paris

Model Anna Ewers is the epitome of cool in an oversized faded black denim jacket, a ribbed black cami dress, and leather ankle boots. This look will be absolutely perfect to wear as soon as the weather begins to cool down.

Get the look:
+ ASOS Denim Girlfriend Jacket
+ Pull&Bear Denim Oversized Jacket
+ ASOS Denim Drop Hem Jacket
+ ASOS Mini Rib Cami Slip Dress
+ New Look Zip Ankle Boot
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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

How To Turn A Button-Down Into A Skirt

Posted By: vishwa - 6:00 PM
Le Fashion Blog Blogger Style Earrings Black Cami Tank Tie Front Striped Skirt Brown Leather Shoulder Bag Flat Sandals Via This Is Jayne Wayne
Le Fashion Blog Blogger Style Black Tank Tucked Into Tie Front Striped Button Down Skirt Brown Leather Shoulder Bag Via This Is Jayne Wayne
Le Fashion Blog Blogger Style Black Camisole Tucked Into Striped Button Down Shirt Flat Sandals Via This Is Jayne Wayne
Photos via: This Is Jayne Wayne

Nike shows us a cool way to get more uses out of your favorite button-down shirt-just turn it into a skirt! All you have to do is fit the collar part around your waist, tie the sleeves and voilà! You've now got yourself a tie-front skirt.

Get the look:
+ Tibi Classic Racer Back Camisole
+ Céline Trio Crossbody Bag
+ Comme Des Garçons Striped Shirt
+ AYR The Striped Easy Shirt 
+ Chloé Leather Criss-Cross Sandals
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An Easy Way To Incorporate Boots In The Summer

Posted By: vishwa - 6:00 AM
Le Fashion Blog Wearing Boots In Summer Bella Hadid Denim Mini Black Tank Black Boots Via Who What Wear
Photo via: Who What Wear

Leave the predictable behind and opt for booties this summer instead of your same ole peep-toes and sandals. Although the shoe choice is typically a fall/winter favorite, there are ways to incorporate this cool-weather favorite for the current season. Need some proof? Bella Hadid made it simple: all you need is a great denim mini and a basic tank. Add some oversized sunglasses and you're good to go.

Get the look:
+ Ray-Ban Flash Lens Matte Sunglasses
+ Tibi Classic Racer Back Camisole
+ Three Dots Khandia Crossover Top
+ Asos Denim High Waist Mini Skirt
+ Dr. Martens Black Patent Leather Boots
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Jupiter is so freaking massive, it doesn't actually orbit the Sun Whoa!

Posted By: vishwa - 5:21 AM
Jupiter- massive-
Jupiter, the fifth planet from the Sun, gas giant, and subject of the Juno mission, is huge. Huge.
It's so huge, in fact, that it doesn't actually orbit the Sun. Not exactly. With 2.5 times the mass of all the other planets in the Solar System combined, it's big enough that the centre of gravity between Jupiter and the Sun doesn't actually reside inside the Sun – rather, at a point in space just above the Sun's surface.
Here's how that works.
When a small object orbits a big object in space, the less massive one doesn't really travel in a perfect circle around the larger one. Rather, both objects orbit a combined centre of gravity.
In situations we're familiar with – like Earth orbiting the much-larger Sun – the centre of gravity resides so close to the centre of the larger object that the impact of this phenomenon is negligible. The bigger object doesn't seem to move, and the smaller one draws a circle around it.
But reality is always more complicated.
For example: when the International Space Station (ISS) orbits Earth, both Earth and the space station orbit their combined centre of gravity. But that centre of gravity is so absurdly close to the centre of Earth that the planet's motion around the point is impossible to spot – and the ISS follows a near-perfect circle around the whole planet.
The same truth holds when most planets orbit the Sun. The Sun is just so much larger than Earth, Venus, Mercury, or even Saturn that their centres of mass with the Sun all lie deep within the star itself.
Not so with Jupiter.
The gas giant is so big that its centre of mass with the Sun, or barycenter,actually lies 1.07 solar radii from the middle of the Sun — or 7 percent of a Sun-radius above the Sun's surface. Both the Sun and Jupiter orbit around that point in space.
This not-to-scale gif from NASA illustrates the effect:
That is, in essence, how Jupiter and the Sun move through space together – though the distances and sizes are far different. Jupiter is still only a fraction of the Sun's size.
So next time someone asks you for a crazy space fact, you'll know: Jupiter is so massive, it doesn't orbit the Sun.

This article was originally published by Tech Insider.
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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Must-Have: The Cold-Shoulder Floral Print Dress

Posted By: vishwa - 3:00 PM
Le Fashion Blog Blogger Style Ombre Hair Sunglasses Layered Necklaces Topshop Cold Shoulder Floral Print Dress Bracelets Metallic Gold Loafers Via Nina Suess
Le Fashion Blog Blogger Style Ombre Hair Sunglasses Layered Necklaces Topshop Cold Shoulder Floral Print Dress Via Nina Suess
Le Fashion Blog Blogger Style Ombre Hair Sunglasses Topshop Ruffled Cold Shoulder Floral Print Dress Stacked Bracelets Metallic Gold Flats Via Nina Suess
Photos via: Nina Suess

Nina has us coveting a cold-shoulder floral print dress to wear for the rest of the summer. Pair it with metallic gold loafers and you've instantly got yourself a feminine, yet edgy look!

Get the look:
+ Jimmy Choo Cat Eye Sunglasses
+ Topshop Floral Maxi Dress
+ Topshop Lucy Snaffle Loafer
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Model-Off-Duty: Kendall Jenner In An Ornate Blazer

Posted By: vishwa - 1:00 PM
Le Fashion Blog Ornate Blazer Leather Shorts Crop Top Kendall Jenner Via Harpers Bazaar
Photo via: Harpers Bazaar

Models have always given major looks on and off the runway but the new-age supermodels have been perfecting their street style ensembles. Kendall Jenner stepped out in New York wearing an ornate longline blazer, edgy leather shorts, and pointed-toe ankle boots. We want all of it.

Get the look:
+ New Look Ribbed Crop Top
+ Massimo Alba Blazer
+ Nasty Gal Moving Up Vegan Leather Short
+ High Rise (Minus The) Leather Shorts
+ Isabel Marant Danae Leather Chelsea Boots
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